Aladdin Exchange’s Pre-Launch Event has Just Begun

With so much growth, adoption, and mainstream success taking place in the crypto-verse, the user-base in the industry is constantly on the rise. Every day, hundreds of thousands of people joining the cryptocurrency and blockchain platform. As of now, the cryptocurrency user-community consists of more than 100 million active users.

The main question is, who is going to cater to them and their trading needs. Major Cryptocurrency exchanges such as Coinbase and Binance are already dealing with millions of users each. Every day, the firms report that they themselves are adding thousands of users on a regular day.

This is the main reason why there is a need for new cryptocurrency exchanges that can cater to the needs of newly joining investors. However, the responsibility for these cryptocurrency exchanges would be really high.

In the past 12 years, the cryptocurrency industry has experienced an enormous amount of growth and advancements. It is no longer an industry with just a few cryptocurrencies to cater to but has more than 2,000 unique cryptocurrencies.

Therefore, several crypto-trading experts and analysts have made use of the current situation and have started launching cryptocurrency exchanges. This is when we can discuss the new launch of another cryptocurrency exchange known as “Aladdin Exchange”. The digital asset exchange has been created and launched to facilitate users in performing asset storage, digital currency listing, and cryptocurrency trading.

The marketing, as well as the development team of the Aladdin Exchange, have also organized an event where they will be revealing the new exchange to the cryptocurrency industry. If anyone wishes to be a part of the event for the cryptocurrency launch, they can go for the pre-registration. By doing this, interested individuals can get their names added to the list of people who will be able to attend the event.

It has been confirmed that the base of operations for the cryptocurrency exchange would be the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The exchange is available not just to one particular country but to the entire world. It has been confirmed by Aladdin Exchange that the operation of the exchange will be handled and led by the TNC IT Group.

The Aladdin exchange platform will not only offer users the ability to trade through the platform, but it will offer them more benefits. One of the major benefits that the Aladdin exchange will offer is access to the marketplace through the platform. Through the platform, the users will be able to use their buy stuff from different sources.

One of the major plus points of the cryptocurrency exchange is that it is fully dedicated to providing its users with the latest and most advanced security systems. Once the exchange is launched, the users will be able to make cross-border transactions.

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