After Decentralized Tokens Elastic Finance Emerges On The Horizon

After Decentralized Tokens Elastic Finance Emerges On The Horizon

For the past few months, DeFI turmoil has been a hot topic of debate throughout the crypto world. It has been able to make headlines for a very long time when the crypto exchanges introduced within the decentralized crypto industry their lists containing the most popular tokens. However, even though the DeFi frenzy was not over yet another interesting concept called “Elastic Finance” has emerged on the horizon and has been attracting a lot of debate these days. 

It is said that the new concept carries very dynamic and beneficial features which have the ability to take the concept to a next level. Many have been found calling it the “next generation of financial platforms” because according to them it is equipped to supply elastic assets, which concept was so far remained unfamiliar within the industry.

The Chief Executive Officer of Ampleforth Foundation (which is a well-renowned firm providing protocols to digital assets), Mr. Evan Kuo, while recording his interview with Cointelegraph, stated that the fresh concept of Elastic Asset made its mark in the industry alongwith its very own tokens which allows automatic translation of prices relating to volatility into supply volatility, which is a unique feature.

He further went on to elaborate about the Elastic Asset concept by saying that the program successfully represents rebasing function of AMPL and bring in conformity with even those platforms who can support elastic decentralized tokens. He said that this may even bring down the APML’s market capitalization with crypto-giants such as BTC, Ethereum, Litecon, BTC Cash etc.

Kuo was of the view that the assets which are based entirely on the elastic finance are less prone to risks such as “auto liquidation” which can make collateral assets insecure.

Some of the highlight of the features within the Elastic Finance are that it contains assets which are non-collateralized and non-fixed supply and, in particular, provides price targets and contains auto-rebasing supply mechanism.

AMPL-LEND pool also confirmed that it will ensure its full support to other developers of various platforms that deal with elastic assets.

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