A Recent Survey Shows a Decent Percentage of People Believe in Crypto-Dominance

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As time continues to pass, the cryptocurrency industry also continues to expand just like our galaxy. The cryptocurrency industry is growing bigger and stable with every passing day. With new generations coming in around the world, these individuals are fully aware of cryptocurrencies.

From this point onwards, the youngsters will know exactly what cryptocurrencies are. How they came into being, what is required to be performed in order to purchase or mine them, and much more.

As cryptocurrencies are digital and instant, they will have more worth than the cash money currently has. This would be mainly because the new generations would be much more interested and exposed to smart technology than we are.

If one thing is never going to happen then this is where we are wrong. This is something that has been happening for millennia and is part of history. Before currency was formed, gold was used as currency by many civilizations. Then gold became an extremely important metal and people in possession of gold were considered rich.

Today, gold has become the secondary measuring tool of one’s wealth while the primary measuring tool is cash and electric money. However, people are slowly moving to electric and digital money, which means cash is losing its worth.

Just recently, a survey was conducted in Russia among the youngsters in the country. The results that the Russian financial entity has conducted have some very interesting facts. The results from the survey show that there is a decent percentage of Russians who are confident cryptocurrencies will take over. They are sure that in the upcoming years, cash money will have lost all value, which would have shifted to cryptocurrencies.

According to reports, Otkritie Bank conducted a survey around the comparative usage and consumption of cash versus cryptocurrencies. Otkritie Bank is one of the top banks in Russia and a popular financial institution based in Moscow.

The total number of surveys around which the data was collected was only 1,000. Out of a total of 1,000 surveys, 140 participants were confident about the future reputation of cryptocurrencies. They claim that cryptocurrencies will have sidelined cash money by the end of the decade.

The survey was conducted among people who were aged between 18 years and 65 years. The survey was carried out in some of the largest cities in Russia and was held for 5 days between April 12 and April 16. While just 14% of the residents agreed to the prowess of cryptocurrencies in coming years. More than 21% of participants stated that cash money would oust cryptocurrencies in the coming years.

According to the survey, around 25% of people think that in the coming years, many Russian banks will re-invent themselves as banks offering digital services.

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