A large number of PlayStation 4 Consoles Confiscated by Ukraine Police over Mining Suspicions

As per the latest reports, the Ukraine authorities have recently carried out a raid, which has been established as a very unusual one in nature. The authorities have revealed that they had received leads in regards to the operating illegal farms in the country.

Therefore, the authorities raided the illegal cryptocurrency mining farm. The police authorities have also shared a public report in regards to the recent raid that they carried out on the illicit mining farm. It has been revealed in the report that the mining farm was located at an electricity supply company’s old facility. The farm was reportedly located at the JSC Vinnytsiaoblenergo’s old facility.

The report confirms that the illicit farm operators had manipulated the electricity meters in order to conceal their electricity stealing activities. They were using the electricity through these meters in order to carry out their mining activities.

The policy authorities have confirmed that they have confiscated a large number of computer equipment units from the mining facility. In the report, the authorities have revealed that the total number of computer equipment units was around 5,000.

Furthermore, the authorities also managed to confiscate a large number of PlayStation 4 consoles. However, the number of confiscated PS 4 was less than the total number of computer equipment units. The report shows that they confiscated a total of 38,000 units of PlayStation 4 consoles.

The authorities revealed that they were shocked to see that the facility even had more than 500 GPUs, 50 processing units, flash drivers, phones, and notebooks. According to the police authorities, it was one of the largest raids they had carried out and managed to confiscate such a large number of devices.

The SBU has revealed that as a result of the mining operations being carried out at the raided facility, Ukraine was losing a lot of money in the form of stolen electricity.

It has been revealed that as a result of the electricity theft for the mining farm, the city of Vinnytsa would have ended up suffering from electricity shortages/outages. Therefore, the authorities had to take matters into their own hands and do something about the situation.

As the authorities started investigating, they soon received tips that some unusual activities were taking place at the particular location. Upon investigation and reconnaissance of the premises, they established that the facility had electricity despite showing no electricity data being consumed from the site.

The authorities have revealed that as a result of the electricity theft, the state was losing between $186,200 and $259,300 on a monthly basis.

According to analysts and mining experts, Sony PlayStation 4 consoles are an unusual pick for cryptocurrency mining as they have outdated hardware for mining purposes. Still, the miners are using any means necessary in order to mine cryptocurrencies and make huge cash from them.

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