A Cryptocurrency Education Platform Launched by Gemini

On Thursday, February 18, 2021, the president of Gemini, Cameron Winklevoss launched made an announcement for the entire crypto-community. Cameron Winklevoss has just announced the launch of a new service known as “Cryptopedia”.

At the launch of the service, Winklevoss revealed that the platform has been launched for the entire cryptocurrency community’s guidance. It will help the community to get themselves acquainted with terms that are used abundantly in the crypto-verse.

The main reason behind the launch of Cryptopedia is to provide high-quality education as well as free, and open access for crypto-material to the entire world.

Winklevoss has revealed that for now, the Cryptopedia platform will have categories that would include security, cryptocurrencies, investing, DeFi, and trading.

The platform aims to provide full insights and knowledge around the added categories and will prove to be very informative and beneficial for the users.

The Cryptopedia platform would also serve as a source of knowledge from the experts from the cryptocurrency industry. The experts from the trading, analyzing, and programming sector can share their knowledge and information from the same platform.

This would also provide more information and key insights from the on-field operating teams to the users. The platform will also feature a platform known as Expert Network, which is aimed to provide even more benefit to the users.

The “Expert Network” feature would see the founders and the think tanks of the cryptocurrency industry interact with the public and share their views of the industry.

The platform will serve to be the very platform where the leaders of the cryptocurrency firms will be sharing their knowledge and challenges they faced in the industry.

Some of the most prominent personalities that will be sharing their knowledge include StaniKulechov (Aave CEO), Brendan Eich (Brave CEO), and Kathleen Breitman (Co-founder of Tezos).

It is no longer a claim but the reality that the cryptocurrency industry has grown enormously since the launch back in 2009. Over time, the industry has gained a lot of success and adoption from even some of the most common people from around the world.

With time, the cryptocurrency industry has seen a huge amount of products being introduced. However, there is still not much information present around these products and the terms that are used in the crypto-verse on a regular basis.

There are many things that only the most sophisticated people around the world are able to grasp and understand in the crypto-verse. However, not everyone has the same amount of time and knowledge around things.

As the crypto-verse gains more common investors to join the platform, there is a strong need for the platform to introduce an encyclopedia with all the knowledge and information around cryptocurrencies.

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